The Rotary Club of Thunder Bay Fort William is very proud of the positive, life changing impact that the Sweet Water Well Project has had for people in remote rural India, north of Calcutta. Our partnership with the Guskara Club (district 3240) has resulted in a total of 41 wells for the small impoverished villages in this arid area and this has made a truly remarkable difference in the lives of the people who live there.


A crowd gathers araound then-club president Jill Zachary and one of the wells our club helped fund in rural India.

The resources that those of us in District 5580 take for granted are non-existent in this part of the world.  Housing consists of mud huts with thatched rooves and cow paddies dried in the sun are used as a fuel source for cooking.  They lack electricity and running water. Sanitation is primitive at best. But despite these challenges, there is now hope in the form of clean and accessible drinking water.
The 41 wells, in the midst of the villages, has changed the course of individual lives.  The women no longer have to spend countless hours walking miles in the blazing sun to carry home a bucket of water for family survival. The children's health had improved considerably.  Some of the women now attend literacy classes sponsored by the Guskara club.  A water source nearby also affords young girls the luxury of time and thus the opportunity to attend school.  Community conditions are more hygienic as the result of a well close at hand.


A group of children from one of the rural villages in which we built wells.

Our Rotary dollars have provided not only the gift of life, but the gift of hope. Forty one wells, bearing the inscription of the Fort William Rotary Club, now enhance the lives of over 150,000 people in Northern India. We are indeed facilitating positive change in the world.